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Hello and welcome!  Our Passion is to Free Families and Businesses in America from a Lie that tells us we need to spend a huge portion of our hard earned money on Health Insurance. It's just not true! When we are educated with the TRUTH about where our money goes and how it's spent, and we begin to understand a few key principles about How Insurance works, we can be empowered to make great decisions about how WE want to spend our money and we can usually Cut our monthly Premium IN HALF, while still being really well protected. 



Why Use Us?  As an Independent Health and Life Insurance Agency our 1st objective is to Educate your Families and Businesses on those Key Principles that will help you Recognize and Avoid ever paying more than you need to for Health Coverage. 2nd, We then walk you through the process of choosing a plan from all the different companies and plans available, step by step eliminating all but the best Health Plan for your exact situation.  3rd, Once you choose a policy, We will also give you a checklist of the best ways to make sure you are getting the most out of that Coverage.  4th, We Also give you a Money back guarantee if you find something better in the first 30 days, so all the risk is gone!  5th, When you decide to use us you get lifetime access to our personal Cell phone line so we can help walk you through your questions, claims or issues and make sure you are always on the best policy even if your situation changes.  6th, We also stand behind every plan we recommend and have years of industry knowledge to steer you away from plans or companies that don't live up to their Promises. This saves you hours of research trying to find the best plan that will suit your needs without getting ripped off.  It can also save you from being financially devastated when a large claim arises, because you know you are covered by a reputable Company that pays their claims!  7th, Since we have relationships with many Companies and are paid by them directly, you never have to worry about paying more for our services than if you had found coverage yourself. Essentially, our services are FREE to you because your healthcare cost the same whether you use us or not!  Using Truth, Logical Thinking and Creative New Options we can Restore Hope and Free ourselves from a Health Insurance system that wasn't built to benefit us.  There are better options available!  We hope you take this journey with us.  It's a great source of Joy for us.


Individual and Group Health and Life Insurance, Dental and Vision, Medicare, Many Supplemental, Accident and Cancer Insurance available, as well as Financial GPS and Private Family Banking (Infinite Banking)

SERVING: All of the Continental US



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